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  • ColorBo 3D decorative panel are made to the highest standards from high quality MDF with damp proof melamine backing to prevent warping once installed. The 3D carving is carried out on high tech computerized CNC router beds so that every panel matches perfectly when installed. All MDF panels come in primed and sanded smooth finish, making easy work to paint in your choice of color and paint finish.


  • Material: MDF
  • Dimension: 300*450mm
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Finish:Painting/PVC
  • Backing: Melamine Film
  • Density: 760kg/m³
  • Colorbo MDF decorative 3D wall panels may bring varieties of beautiful wood grain by melamine decoration paper on the surface of artificial board, looked like solid wood and veneer. Environmentally friendly standard satisfied, Eco-friendly, non-pollution and non-toxic chemicals. Colorbo MDF decorative 3D wall panels can be used for furniture, interior decoration, shop fitting and construction etc.Construction is convenient, quick, labor saving, wall renovation, treatment of base is no longer needed, it can be directly fixed on the original wall.

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