Friction Tuck
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Soft roll is a method to decorate the indoor wall surface with flexible material.  It  is made by soft and gentle material both in character and color, so that, it can soften integral atmosphere. The third dimension of the depth also attach promotion to the home grade.

Soft roll offers many advantages over the traditional decorate materials, such as: anti-flame, sound absorption, sound insulation, grease proof, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-collision.

FRICTION TUCK can drastically cut down the construction time with the new installation system to increase efficiency.


1. Sound insulation and sound absorption

2. one-piece adjustable installation system

3. changeable surface

4. imported environmental core material

5. first class anti-flame

6. high construction efficiency

Fabric Wallmount Systems LLC presents SOFWALL, a high tension fabric mounting system that revolutionizes the way fabric can be applied to walls as both a decorative and acoustical wall finish.

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