Thanks to the application of advanced technology and acoustic theory, the ColorBo diversity of acoustic panels and decorative panels have been developed.

These panels are visually attractive due to the beauty of the wood veneers as well as being easy to install. The panels decorate as well as provide a solution to reduce noise levels inside of building.

What’s more, we also have gained the FSC certificate which can meet the demands of high-end core material for different projects in high budgets and request. Nano and mirco perforated wooden acoustic panel are our new products, and also they have recommended to some big projects like Disneyland in Shanghai and the VIP retiring room in Hongkong Airport.

Our experience of working with architectural designers in providing long term solutions for various environmental settings has enabled us to develop high quality and durable materials in our acoustic products to withstand the impact of long-term physical deterioration.

ColorBo panels are suitable for almost every application including use for schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theaters, offices and commercial buildings. ColorBo panels are exceptionally durable resistant making them particularly appropriate for areas that may require a high degree of impact resistance such as sports and recreation halls, police interview rooms, factories and workshops.

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